2012 view of Morn HillRecent local research has revealed something of the importance of the Morn Hill Camps which are now beyond living memory. The information gathered was sufficient to justify further work to determine how the thousands of troops massing for combat could be suitably remembered and in what form.

In a contemporary book on the work of the American Red Cross (1919) it had been noted that a Memorial in Winchester Cathedral had been planned and promised for the American soldiers. No memorial was installed and the present project is a way of addressing that omission.

After The Great War, the City published a printed tribute showing the many individual units which had passed through Winchester. The total of individual Army formations listed exceeded 200 and a recorded statement on 14th May 1919 by the Mayor said, “Some two million soldiers have been associated with Winchester in the past four and a half years.”

It is inevitable most of those troops came through Morn Hill Camps and early in 2012, the To Honour a Promise Project Group was formed to secure support and funding for a memorial commemorating such momentous events at Morn Hill. The 2014 Centenary of the start of the Great War became a target date for a permanent Memorial to the troops of Britain and the many Allied Nations who came to Winchester to be in place, hopefully within the city.

Additionally, it is planned to place information boards within the site for the benefit of visitors to that part of the land which is managed by Butterfly Conservation.

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